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Welcome To Wax Pyramid

Updated: Mar 4

On this page we'll be posting updates regarding our products and services as well as promotions and upcoming events. Be sure to follow along to stay up to date.

We will also be giving an inside look to our process. Behind the scenes look at shoots, editing techniques and how we produce the high quality prints from our store.

We have some stunning new additions to our print store including "Void". Seen below, Void is one of my favourite shots of the last few months and I'm excited to offer it for sale as a print. Next week I'll have some behind the scenes shots of a 16x24 Inch iteration of the print. I'll be highlighting the detail and the incredible quality of the print. For most of my prints I've chosen to go with a pigmented ink done on smooth fine art paper. The quality, colour and detail is unmatched, as you'll see in next week's post.

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