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Print Guide

All our prints are produced with the utmost care with a stringent attention to detail.  Due to our careful process, orders can take time to complete as they are all made to order.  Below we outline the various print papers used for each print type

Fine Art Prints

Printed on Hahnemühle Ultra Smooth Fine Art Paper

Starting at $190

Chromogenic Prints

Printed on silver-halide colour paper

Starting at $175

Sizes & Pricing

Listed below are our primary sizes available along with their corresponding price ranges.  The lowest price for each size (excluding 10X15 and 12X18) is the cost of Chromogenic prints.  Chromogenic prints are a more cost effective option, especially for larger prints.  Fine art prints are our highest quality prints and therefore come in at a higher cost.  we currently do not offer 10X15 and 12x18  sizes for chromogenic prints.  We also have various sizes available for special prints (such as square).  These are priced similarly to the closest size listed below (i.e a 12x12 square print is priced the same as a 12x18).  We also offer custom commissioned pieces.  These are priced starting at $900 for a 16x24 inch print and go up to $4500 for 36x54 Inch.  All the prices listed below are for the print alone and DO NOT include framing.  


*Please note: taxes and shipping fees are not included in any of the prices listed below

10x15 Inch


24x36 Inch


12x18 Inch


36x54 Inch


16x24 Inch





Custom framing is also offered at an additional cost.  The cost can vary based on the material of the frame and the size of the print.  Due to fluctuating prices with our manufacturers we are unable to give an estimate on cost at this time.  Please contact us when you're ready to place your order and we'll provide you with a price.  

Limited Editions

All our limited edition prints come in one size.  They are typically numbered 1 Of 1.  Limited edition prints use the same printing process as our standard prints and are done with custom framing. 

Standard Editions

Our standard editions are printed with the same care and quality as our limited editions but do not include the frame, giving you the freedom to customize the print for your space.  Each standard edition featured in our store is produced in a limited run of 10 examples, irrespective of the size chosen. 

Important Information

Print Appearance Disclaimer: Please be advised that the printed images may exhibit slight variations in colour and appearance compared to what is displayed on your device. These differences are attributed to the backlight and calibration settings unique to individual devices.  As a standard practice, we also produce our prints with a half inch white border.  This adds an extra inch to each side of the print making the final print larger (eg. a 16x24 inch print would actually be 17x25 inches with the white border). For a comprehensive understanding of the prints, feel free to reach out to us for further information.  

Custom Framing and Print Sizes: For inquiries regarding custom framing or print sizes beyond the options listed, kindly contact us directly. We are committed to accommodating your specific preferences and ensuring that your selected artwork seamlessly integrates into your space.

Made to Order Process: At Wax Pyramid, each print is a bespoke creation. All prints are made to order, reflecting our dedication to delivering a personalized and exceptional product. This meticulous process ensures that your chosen piece is unique and crafted with the utmost care.

Order Fulfillment Timeframe: Due to the customized nature of our prints, please be mindful that it may take time for your order to be meticulously produced and delivered to you. We appreciate your patience and assure you that the wait will be well worth the exceptional quality and attention to detail inherent in each print.

Return & Cancellation  Policy: As every print is crafted on-demand to meet your specifications, we regret to inform you that we do not accept returns or order cancelations. We encourage you to thoroughly review your selections and reach out to us with any inquiries before placing your order. Your satisfaction is of paramount importance to us, and we are here to assist you throughout the decision-making process.

*Due to fluctuating prices regarding our printing process, prices are subject to change without notice.  Actual printed sizes may differ slightly  

All images are copyright protected under Wax Pyramid © and Alexander Christoforou ©. Unauthorized commercial or promotional use of any images produced by Alexander Christoforou or Wax Pyramid is strictly prohibited

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